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The distribution services we offer give you the opportunity to help enhance marketing efforts. While some authors are not really concerned in sales (with such topics as family history or other personal interest), you might have more ambitious marketing intentions.

Once your book is printed, Pine Orchard can help with warehousing and distributing your book. While we do provide some support and services to help make your marketing easier, we focus mostly on quality book production and the final book product.

Selling books after they are created is another process, so the majority of advertising and publicity remain the author’s responsibility. Just the same, with an active promotional force on the author’s part, Pine Orchard can play a big role in keeping the distributors and buyers supplied with books—and the accounting straight.

Making It Work

To make sales work, both ends of the marketing spectrum need to be in place: one at the retail end with an active author and sales force; and the other at the distributing end with a reliable book supplier.

To keep the demand alive for your book, it is important that there is activity with retailers and consumers so distributors won’t need to return your book and so Pine Orchard will continually be sending your book out to them.

Keeping yourself active and visible as an author, plus keeping Pine Orchard notified with your book events, helps better position the accessibility of your book to retail outlets for faster sales.


Books are either sold by Pine Orchard, by yourself, or in combination. It has been our experience that most self-publishers prefer the combination. Having books listed with Pine Orchard allows broad marketing, and selling by yourself lets you reach markets you are familiar with.

For books that you sell yourself, you keep 100% of the royalties. For books that are sold and shipped from Pine Orchard, you receive 75% of the selling price for retail sales and 40% for wholesales. (Wholesalers normally ask for a 40-55% discount for purchases. That’s why royalties are lower than royalties for retail sales.)

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