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Publicity efforts can be aided with the following items in an electronic format (PDF and RTF). Items may include the front cover image, excerpts, reviews, and promotional writing, such as the text printed on the back cover. A typical PR packet contains these items:

  • sales sheet
  • press release
  • sample pages

The sales sheet and press release give background information about the author and may list upcoming events related to the subject matter, including appearances, lectures, or sponsored activities.

Mark of Quality

Books having a Pine Orchard imprint are endorsed with the Luminary Media Group or Ulyssian Publications logo. Both imprints represent literary and artistic quality preferred by buyers within the book trade.

Getting Your Book on the Web

All books produced by Pine Orchard automatically get a free web page showing the cover, a short summary, and an optional author photo. Your book will be available for online retail purchases through our secure credit card ordering.

You will also receive a web link that links people directly to your page. You can use this link for emailing and other promotional purposes.

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