Warehousing & Distribution Service Plans

To help sell your book, we can store and ship books from our facilities. The basic plan allows up to 50 books to be warehoused for free and is included with any titles that we help publish. All plans have a shipping & handling fee for each item shipped. The monthly plans provide a detailed statement every month.


Quarterly Plan

Monthly Plans

Basic Standard Silver Gold Platinum Emerald
Monthly Charge FREE $9.95 $19.95 $39.95 $49.95 $89.95
Number of items warehoused (Warehouse Allotment) 50 100 500 1000 2000 5000
Handling charge for each WHOLESALE item shipped $1.00 75¢ 50¢ 30¢ 20¢ 20¢
Handling charge for each RETAIL item shipped none none
Cost per extra item warehoused 2¢ per item 2¢ per item 1½ ¢
per item
Annual Distribution Fee (Optional) $25 FREE
Royalty and Billing Statement Arrives each quarter. Detailed royalty and billing summary arrives monthly.
Royalty check will be issued on same date as statement if your account is set-up with automatic credit card payment.
Note: Diamond Plan (5000+) is available by special arrangement.

Policies for All Plans

Distribution Activation $99 per title (one-time setup) Required to get a title listed with the major distributors, including Baker & Taylor, Ingram, and Amazon.com.
Changing or canceling plans No charge Service plan can be changed or cancelled before the 10th day of each month.
Cost per extra item warehoused 1½ ¢ to 2¢
per item
This is a monthly charge of 2¢ per item over the Warehouse Allotment. (Warehouse Allotment varies for each plan.)
Retail Sales through pineorchard.com Royalty = 75% You receive 75% of the retail selling price for each item Pine Orchard sells.
Wholesale sales through Pine Orchard distribution Royalty = 40% You receive 40% of the cover price for each item Pine Orchard sells. (Wholesalers normally ask for a 40-55% discount for purchases.)
Sales on your own Royalty = (your selling price) You keep 100% of your own sales.
Listing on Pine Orchard website No charge Standardized retail web page with picture and product information. Online orders are handled by secure credit card processing.
Additional Titles / Products No extra service plan charges All products are lumped into one service plan. Each product requires a separate Distribution Activation charge. You pay the same monthly charge with multiple products as you would with one product. The total quantity of all items are compared against the Warehouse Allotment.

These prices and fees are current as of 2021.


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