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The guidance and resources provided by Pine Orchard nurtured Green Octobers from the potential of an acorn to a full-blooming reality. The expertise in the presentation—cover design, layout, and overall packaging—birthed a manuscript into a readable book. Their editorial suggestions were encouraging—acting as a true partner.

Author Bob Rule
B+R Partners
Houston, TX

In the last few months of my father’s life, we worked together with Pine Orchard to make the dream of publishing his autobiography Up from Hard Times come true. The team at Pine Orchard pulled out all the stops and my dad was able to see the imaginative vintage photo cover they designed before he passed on. He knew his book was in good hands or, knowing my father, he would never have left. The professionalism and support of all the staff helped make my father’s 10-year project culminate in a grand success. Thanks to all of you at Pine Orchard.

Clem’s daughter, Martha Bueché
Portland OR

(commenting about her father’s book)

Author Clem Bueché
Denver, CO

When I was seeking a credible publisher for the reprinting of my book Reducing the Storm to a Whisper: The Story of a Breakdown, I happily discovered Pine Orchard. Even though they were located in Spokane (now Pullman), Carolyn Gravelle and her highly competent staff accommodated every need I had in order to get my book back into print. In addition, one of their readers carefully proofed the entire text and corrected some errors, which had occurred in the original publication. All the Pine Orchard staff were excellent professionals to work with and, in addition, their prices were substantially lower than anything I found by comparative shopping in Seattle or Portland.

Author Patrick J. Howell, S.J.
Dean, School of Theology and Ministry
Seattle University
Seattle, WA

I have worked with Pine Orchard for several years and have found their publication work simply excellent. They are able to cover all facets of what a writer desires as an end result and have always been knowledgeable, helpful, intelligent, and reasonable in cost. If you want a finished product that you can be proud of, I recommend Pine Orchard Inc. without reservation, and you may contact me regarding this tribute.

Author & Illustrator Harry Chinchinian, M.D., M.S., B.A.
Plum Tree Press
Clarkston, WA

I must like Pine Orchard services because I have produced and created not one but two books with them. I enjoyed and respected the personal service I received during the editing process with Carolyn. I was very pleased with the final design in creating my books' front covers. The first book required a few changes in creating the cover, but I was able to quickly get Pine Orchard to create what I saw as the cover. Do I have anything bad to say? Yes, I hated waiting for each step. But guess what. It takes time to edit, it takes time to go to print, but the wait is well worth the final physical product and an author's "personal" self-accomplishment.

Author Vicky Broussard
The Book of Why & Element of Time
Vicky's Ventures
Spokane, WA

Trying to publish a lifelong collection of my father's poetry was quite an undertaking. The guidance and personal service of the people at Pine Orchard, their flexibilty and willingness to consider several points of view, and their sensitivity to the author's wishes helped bring the project to fruition. The result is a book(let) we are all proud of.

The author's daughter, Natascha Ginsburg
Cheney WA

(commenting about her father's book Earthly Essence and Other Poems)

Author & Illustrator Ralph Geralde Lane
Altadena, CA

We thought the publishing of our K-12 science-based curriculum, Project Conserve, was going to be a difficult process. Working with the folks at Pine Orchard allayed our fears. The staff were responsive to our needs and helped us to produce our book on time and within our budget. The end result is something that we are quite proud of!

Steve Grourke
Program Coordinator
The Nature Conservancy
Coeur d'Alene, ID

In my search for a publisher for The Otter Spirit: A Natural History Story, I narrowed the list down to two before visiting them in person. The gracious hospitality offered by Carolyn and Matt on my initial visit to Pine Orchard was very telling of what was to follow; it was matched, point for point, with customer service delivered in the true meaning of the words the old-fashioned way. They say you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression and Pine Orchard certainly didn’t need one.

Pine Orchard’s echelon of customer service includes:
  • Admiration for the course of the author’s life history that brought her to this point in time.
  • Esteem for the author’s accomplishment and respect for the thoughts and ideas that are expressed in her writing.
  • Professionalism in engaging the author’s specialized skills and talents, and accommodating her literary and technical requirements.
  • Editorial skills that enhance the telling of the author’s story while carefully preserving her literary style in delivering the message.
  • Enthusiasm to engage the author in constructive dialogue and idea exchange to produce the finest book the author can imagine.
  • Technical skills that are artfully applied to the design and production of a book of such superb quality, the author is most proud to call it her own.
  • Professional friendship to ensure a successful long-term relationship between author and publisher.
Time and again, I have been told by booksellers and readers alike that my book’s cover and page design, technical production, and professional appearance are of admirable quality. That didn’t happen by accident. Pine Orchard knows that you can tell a book by its cover; their attention to detail draws in readers to take the book from the shelf and become absorbed by it.

Thank you, Pine Orchard, for a splendid job.
Judith K. Berg
Author of The Otter Spirit: A Natural History Story

Eugene, OR

You have them on your hard drive, disc, hidden away in that drawer. It has long been in your head. They are your written works. Pine Orchard Inc. published one of my works. My first published work has and remains a pride and gratification I cannot measure. My first publication with Pine Orchard was published in 2001 and is in its second revised edition, and the work quarterly brings in money. Work with them and exert your ideas and energies, and enjoy your success.

Herbert Johnson (whose pen name is Fineste Baker)
Author of Slave: First Manassas to Appomattox Court House
Englewood, CO

The Pine Orchard staff produced a handsome book for us [Louisiana High School Rodeo Association] in a flawless manner. All communications between us on matters such as cover design, page layout, placement of illustrations, and corrections were conducted over thousands of miles without a hitch. They delivered an attractive, error-free product on time at a budget friendly cost. Working with their capable staff was a distinct pleasure.

(This book Fifty Years of High School Rodeo in Louisiana won the Southwest Louisiana Historical Association's Donald Millet Historical Writing Award for 1999.)

Author Tom Watson, Ph.D.
Former Chairman of the Department of History
McNeese State University
Lake Charles, LA

Having finished my first book the early part of December 1999, I went in search of a publisher. I had with me a list of publishers to check out. Pine Orchard was the first on the list. I was immediately impressed with the reception I received so never checked out the others.

They spent a lot of time with me explaining things as we went along. We went over each page carefully together and perhaps made some minor changes with my consent. At no time was anything changed that would make the story lose its original meaning.

Several covers were designed so that I may have a choice on which one I would like. Also there were several colors for the cover for me to choose from. All final decisions were left up to me.

They were a very dedicated crew and did everything possible to make certain that the end result was exactly what I wanted.

They took care of everything: the ISBN number, the copyright, the layout, the printing of the book, and delivery of the finished project to my home.

I was so delighted with the results that they also did my second book, which came out in February 2003.

I would highly recommend their services to anyone wishing to self-publish their book. They care very much about you and your book, and are available at all times when help is needed.

Photographer/Illustrator Charlotte Greene
Spokane, WA
Author of Recalled by God: A Love Story
Author of Smokin' the Chair: Touching Memories

To: Matt Gravelle
Pine Orchard Publishing

My voice finds light and life
in your careful hands
Shape and color and nuance
painted by the lense
of your vision

You took the clay of my words
and molded them into

And I see them anew
Up River


Thank you.

Betsy McGreer
October 13, 2003

Betsy McGreer
Up River: Reflections of Hells Canyon

My colleagues and I at the Human Experience Institute needed a series of five corporate workbooks on Resilience and Resiliency. We took a chance with Pine Orchard. We needed our workbooks quickly. We needed them edited. We needed them to look great. We needed them to be done for a reasonable price.

We had all of our needs met, and the bonus was that the professionals at Pine Orchard were not only competent but were real people who treated us as friends.

It has been a real joy to work with these good folks.

Glenn E. Richardson, Ph.D.
Director of the Integrative Health Program
University of Utah, Salt Lake City
Author of Personal Resiliency and Resilient Relationships (5-Part Series)

About a year ago, our company agreed to edit and publish what we considered to be the best book ever written on the topic of vestibular rehabilitation therapy, one that had been authored by an outstanding clinician and dear friend who had served as director of the SIU School of Medicine Vestibular Clinic.

However, while the editing and proofing process was still going on, the author, Marian Girardi, Ph.D., passed away at the young age of 49. We elected to continue with the publishing process, both out of respect for Marian and out of a desire to see that her work was as widely distributed as possible, in order to help as many clinicians and their balance disorder and falls-risk patients as possible.

We feel very fortunate that we had already contracted with Pine Orchard to handle this, our first foray into the world of publishing. And after receiving our preview copy of the book, we were extremely pleased with the way it turned out. The expertise that Carolyn and Matt shared with us and the ongoing assistance that they provided made a project go very smoothly that could otherwise have easily been a nightmare.

Many, many thanks to Pine Orchard. If you ever need a reference, I'm your guy!

Bob Henderson
Vestibular Technologies LLC
Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy for the Patient with Dizziness and Balance Disorders
Marion, IL / Cheyenne, WY

I found Pine Orchard to be an outstanding publishing company. They added touches to my book I would have never thought of, such as photos arranged appropriately with the content of the story. They used clever judgment in placing cover emblems to break the paragraphs. They even shed a tear right along with me as they proofread my son's story.

The book has an attractive blue and gold cover that depicts its contents and is something anyone would be proud of.

Doris Adams
Spokane, WA
Author of The Singin' Pole

Pine Orchard's service was great and they did a wonderful job with Grace's book. Everyone who has seen A Glimpse of Grace thinks the book is great and they like the format, the printing, and the cover.

Sandy Worley, the author's secretary
Spokane, WA
Author M.G. Bassett
Washington, DC

When I wanted to publish my book, Frivolous Cowboy Poetry, I had a heck of a time finding a publisher. Half wouldn't talk to me, and the other half were simply printers who did not produce a quality product. Then I went on line and found Pine Orchard. They gave me the personal attention I was seeking, and the distance (Las Vegas to Spokane) made no difference. Most importantly, my book turned out exactly (even better) than I had imagined. I give Pine Orchard my resounding endorsement.

Cowboy Poet Al Marquis, Esq.
Las Vegas, NV

The staff of Pine Orchard were patient with my numerous questions and requests and talking me through the publishing process. Explaining the steps from the cover to the many pictures in the book. I certainly thank them for all of their professional help with my first publishing experience.

Peggy Cunningham
Author of Pioneer Families
Spokane, WA

I recently had a book of 800 pages of true stories and pictures of Italian immigrants 1890-2000, a hardcover book, published with the aid of Pine Orchard, Inc.

If you need professional help, I recommend Pine Orchard. My book has been well accepted and I have many testimonials from readers.

Charley Vingo
Author of Italians of the American Northwest 1890-2000
Spokane, WA

My book, Would YOU Hire You?, became a reality through the efforts of Pine Orchard. I would especially like to thank Carolyn Gravelle for her continued support. She always offered encouragement and helped walk me through the process of getting a book published. She is instrumental in making the public aware of my book. I am indebted to the people at Pine Orchard for making my dream come true.

Author Carol Malchow
Bulverde, TX
MAMO Publishing

A friend was very pleased with Pine Orchard’s publishing of a mutual acquaintance’s book, so she referred me to them.

On my very first visit to their office, Carolyn was so helpful and encouraging it gave me confidence in completing my book and having it published. I have referred Pine Orchard to other friends.

Dot Kirschke
Author of It's About Friends
Spokane, WA

Pine Orchard Inc., and by that I mean Dr. Carolyn Gravelle and her staff, took my manuscript, which was on a few computer discs, and produced a professional product in book form that I was proud to share with my target audience. I found myself on a strict self-imposed deadline, and they worked with me to make it happen on time. The staff provided editorial support to the degree I requested and required it. I would recommend their services to anyone, and I would not hesitate to use them again.

Th. Harding
Spokane, WA
Author of Burning Alive: Chronicles of One Manic-Depressive's Survival

Pine Orchard is not only a reputable publisher but is, also, a reliable source that brings life to an author's written word. This company works to use resources and talents to put a writer's dream and hope on the printed page in ways that not only attract readers but also make the author's efforts come alive. The people involved take what is given them and bring it to life. In my opinion, this publisher tries to do a job that is not secondary. The people who work for Pine Orchard work hand-in-hand with the writer to do more than publish a book. In my opinion, they aim at going the extra mile.

I encourage others to use their resources and be ready to depend on this company to make words ready for the public in an outstanding way. Have confidence in those at Pine Orchard to take your efforts and make them a reality.

Barbara E. Irgens
City of Spokane Valley, WA
Formerly of Hacienda Heights, CA
Author of Finding the Way

As a poet, I only write poetry; I do not punctuate. That is one of the reasons why I am blessed to have a publisher that has that extraordinary talent, and such talent brings out the best in my poetry.

Pine Orchard, Inc. does first-class work, and they live up to their word. They have the best connections in the literary world; and if it were not for them, I would not know of those connections.

I have been doing business with Pine Orchard, Inc. since 2001, and I am proud to say that they are also publishing my second book.

In the fall of this year [2003], I will be on several speaking events, all because I have a first-class publishing company that knows how to take care of business. Need I say more?

Poet Dolores Suber
Author of Quittin' Just Ain't My Style & It's Time To Wise Up
Los Angeles, CA

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