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The Book of Why
Volume One

Vicky Broussard

Publisher: Vicky's Ventures
ISBN-10: 0971003041
ISBN-13: 9780971003040
Paperback Book  128 pages  6 in x 9 in

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Whether it’s silly or serious, catching your thoughts on paper is fun. Find out who you really are. Use this book as an interactive tool for journal writing, psychological profiling, teaching, discussion groups, party games, or whatever. Hey, it’s cool to record your ideas and then go back and read your own mind. Try it. You’ll be surprised!

And if you think that kids are the only ones who ask "Why?" well, think again. Here’s a mom and grown-up who’s still asking "stupid" questions. Vicky Broussard, author of Element of Time and this Book of Why, playfully challenges your intellect and humor. Pick up your pencil, sharpen your mind, and let’s begin . . .

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