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Pine Orchard is located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, with our office located south of Spokane, Washington near the state border of Washington and Idaho. We work with customers across many regions to provide quality goods and services, and our order fulfillment and online store have the ability to deliver goods around the world.

We are a diversified company, reflecting our interests in publishing, graphic design, computer programming, and natural resource research science. With a solid core of knowledge, skill, and experience, we have established a reputation with our customers in doing quality work and caring about the finished products and services that we provide.


Previously located in the city of Spokane, Washington, our main facility is 8 miles across the Washington/Idaho border east of Pullman, Washington.

Pine Orchard, Inc.
2850 Hwy. 95 S.
P.O. Box 9184
Moscow, ID 83843 USA

This area south of Spokane is home
of the University of Idaho and
Washington State University.



Toll free 1.877.354.7433 

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