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Conversation with a Beaver: And Other Journeys into Nature. A voice emerges from the beaver. “Will you really tell the story of my family and my species?” The author responds emphatically: “Yes, I will.”
Transition into the beaver’s world and listen to the animal’s words to understand its role and contributions within the web of life.

Another Lifetime: A Conversation About Heart Transplant. A personal experience to a life-threatening surgery, told in a gentle way with non-technical information and a friendly (at times humorous) conversation with a reader curious about what it is like to have a heart transplant.

Murder in the Mountains: Mystery. Revised edition of the 1997 version. Hank Whipple, a medical doctor, heads to snowy McCall, Idaho, to investigate a death. Then, another death closely follows. His autopsies give clues of what happened. But there is more to do and know before these mysteries are solved.

Taking a Giant Bite Out of Dental Confusion: The Consumerís Guide to 21st Century Dentistry. This comprehensive guide will aid the consumer in making dental decisions for feeling better, looking healthier, and achieving confidence with a beautiful smile that is priceless.

Holly Brown and the Dragon Dingle Continuing Adventures: Special Edition. The friendly dragon Dingle and 8-year-old Holly take a trip south across the warm ocean to “Vacation Island,” where they run into mean pirates, cloned monsters, and the one-and-only Evil K. Kanoodle.

School To Work To Success: A Practical Guide to Finding a Rewarding Career and Enjoying Life Learn the rules of professional and life success as this book fills the void of school-to-work-to-success advice for high school and college students. Written by Dale G. Caldwell.

Rocky Mountain Snow Ghosts. People whiz down mountains on skis while snow ghosts carefully watch over them. Meet Blizzard, the youngest snow ghost and follow his adventures with the wildlife on the mountain. Abigail Folk displays her beautiful color illustrations from cover to cover.

Song in the Night: One Family's Journey from Darkness to Dawn. Pam Thorson, with painful openness, recounts the true story of her family’s nightmare as they struggled to live out their faith in the face of impossible odds.
Har-Kyle and the Battle for Bargar. Science fiction that meshes primitive and futuristic cultures. Although Har-Kyle, the Squadron Leader, had simple orders to follow in Bargar county, he messed up badly and the price to be paid could be deadly with the Beast Men capturing him.

Weathered Wood: And Other Short Stories.
From Judy Berg’s imagination are eight short stories of mystery, humor, and contemplating our finite existence. She explains: “Many ideas for these stories materialized during the long hours spent as a professional wildlife researcher alone with the natural world.”

Runner-Up in the 2009 Green Book Festival Awards and Winner of NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award.
The Otter Spirit: A Natural History Story.
Discover the dangers and diversity, animals and habitat, beauties and mysteries that our natural environment embodies as wildlife researcher Judy Berg introduces us to the North American River Otter.

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy for the Patient with Dizziness and Balance Disorders: Exercise Protocols. Marian Girardi has studied and compiled important data to assess and treat vestibular disfunctions. She has documented and grouped this valuable information into an easy-to-understand format.

A Reason to Run: A Personal Journal Through Prostate Cancer and Other Manly Matters. One man’s firsthand account of dealing with prostate cancer and marathon running. “Running a marathon had been a lifelong goal . . . until cancer forced me to consider just how precious time and relationships and life really are. It was the cancer that gave me the passion to commit.”

Meet Eddie, the troubled teen from New Mexico. Author LouAnne Johnson, also known as Alyce Shirleydaughter, presents two versions. Alternative Ed is intended for an adult audience, while Yo! Eddie! is the same novella, without the harsh language.

What Happened to the Man I Married?: How to Stop Mr. Right from Turning into Mr. Wrong. Yes, Marriage Does Give Men Brain Damage! Assess your husbandís mental state using our Quick Quiz. Learn emergency interventions you can use today.

The Princess and the Beggar II: Continuing Adventures. Another fantasy drama about the musical beggar and his lovely princess Gwyn-a-cheri who lived in the greatest stone castle that was far, far away on top of the highest hill.

Up River
by Betsy McGreer

Up River—a chalice of the spirit with the rhythm of life, filled with wonder and awe. Journey into Hells Canyon of the beautiful Pacific Northwest with poet/photographer Betsy McGreer.

Up River, Again: Postcards from Hells Canyon. Take another trip into Hells Canyon and experience the magic of the Snake River with Betsy McGreer's roving camera and heartfelt words.

Rooms Where I Live. Author LeAne Austin searches her innermost soul to pull out the loneliness and heartaches, the joy and laughter, the pain and tears that wander through a woman's life.

"Drink from my cup."
This historical drama Juba's Cup is based on the true story of a runaway slave who eventually homesteaded in the Pacific Northwest.

Salmon River Backcountry Recollections: And Other Noodling Around. Reflections of happy times spent in the Pacific Northwest, along with photos depicting some Salmon River backcountry locations and Idaho families.

Frivolous Cowboy Poetry. "May the Lord think I'm as good as my dog thinks I am." Enjoy the fun, frolic, and rhythm of Nevada's cowboy poet Al Marquis and the hilarious illustrations of Texan artist R. Jerry Brown. Available in AUDIO on Compact Disc.

Quittin' Just Ain't My Style: Poetry by Dolores Suber. Swing and sway with the poetry of Dolores Suber who encourages her readers to "keep on keepin' on" with God by their side.

It's Time To Wise Up. Dolores Suber, one mean Black Queen from Los Angeles, tells it like it is and she’s “keepin’ it real. Her ABC jive shoots straight to the big-time killers—AIDS, BOOZE, CRACK COCAINE—snakes that are seducing our brothers and sisters to destruction.

Abiding Hope: Bearing Witness to the Holocaust
“. . . I woke, ate, did the task assigned me, and had but one thought: Why? For the first of many times, I considered walking into the air-tight brick room with the next group of people. Why didn’t I? The only answer I’ve been able to think of is that some inner, divine spark of life would not allow it. I sincerely felt that by living, I would one day bear witness. . . .”

Medical crime, hospital politics, drama—episodes by a doctor who has seen the whirlpool of corporate evil, rippling into many hardships and heartaches. The House of Ecksteins: A Doctor’s Ill-Fated Journey.

Pathologist In Training

Pathologist Hank Whipple is back again, just doing his job as he unravels a new mystery before the reader's eyes in the midst of business and hospital politics.

Visit the full collection of Plum Tree stories by author/illustrator Harry Chinchinian.
Radar Reflectors for Cruising Sailboats: Why They Work, What the Limitations Are, and How To Evaluate Them. By carefully modeling the performance of many well-known RTE with his clear diagrams, the author brings clarity to how these products work while at sea.

Unconditional Love. Accept who you really are—unconditionally. Anxiety and fear will transform into passion, wonder, inspiration, anticipation, and excitement. You will move toward enjoying more of what life has to offer.

Project Conserve: A Curriculum Covering Topics in Conservation Biology. A science-based curriculum covering topics in conservation biology from The Nature Conservancy of Idaho. A great resource for science teachers, K-12.

Chip the Buffalo: Based on a True Story. Is a buffalo too big for a pet? Enjoy the real-life answer to this question and learn more about the animal on which Native Americans depended for survival.

Looking Within: L'esprit des Masques. The energy of artist Peter Sanderson's masks is charming and enchanting. Embark on a journey that will take you beyond these 28 intriguing mirrors . . . along a path to self-identity and beauty!

The Ten Year War: Ten Classic Games Between Bo and Woody. Relive the glorious victories and the crushing defeats of the Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan Wolverines during those fabulous college football years of 1969 through 1978—arguably one of the best legendary rivalries in all sports.

Building Successful Teachers: Tools for Achieving and Maintaining Success as a Professional Educator. Geraldine Davis, recipient of Teacher of the Year Award, has taught over 20 years in Dallas, Texas. She graduated from Booker T. Washington High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is an alumnus of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Tales of the Cinnamon Dragon Book I.

Venture through this fantasy of fun, fear, and frolic as the Cinnamon Dragon spins the tales of the land of Farr Elvenhome.

Slave: First Manassas to Appomattox Court House. Fineste Baker answers some haunting questions that have been painfully missing in the true blood horrors of the Civil War.

Burning Alive: Chronicles of One Manic-Depressive’s Survival.
“I need someone to tell me my life hasn’t been a complete waste . . . So read this and know that you have helped to save a life.”
—Th. Harding

Marcelino C. Maxino, LL.M., Esq. compares the Philippine and U.S. legal systems. He presents 19 actual cases that relate with todayís ongoing issues. Cases and Issues for Philippine Comparative Study provides a practical resource guide for those interested in learning and understanding how the law works in the United States and the Philippines.

Enjoy a pet that loves to eat and that never forgets. Here’s the first book on how to train potbellied pigs and teach them tricks.

The Lone Star "G" Brand On My Behind.

Author "Annie" Nielson, blends family, humor, and the outdoors into a heartfelt story of a teenager’s summer visit to his grandmother’s ranch.

The Old Lady of Wasilla Lake: A Story of the Red-necked Grebes of Wasilla Lake, Alaska. Here is a story told from the bird's perspective that takes us on a remarkable journey and inspires us to look closer at the natural world that sustains us all.

The Ranger and the Green Derby.

The Deputy and the Devil's Eye.

Writer Dick Clason weaves history, law, and romance into all his cowboy stories.

The Captive Marine Aquarium Special Edition.
Includes Book and DVD combo. Wayne Shang has kept marine aquaria for over a decade after keeping freshwater fish since childhood. His Californian home reef aquarium has long been considered one of the most beautiful in the United States.

The Sleepover. Joey was afraid to stay in that house, but he didn’t want the others to know.
...They didn’t have to open the door as it was hanging by a single hinge. Through the opening, they went.

No Lights in the Cabin. The boys looked in. Joey spoke quietly as he asked, “Is it safe to go in?”

This is the 2nd book written by Linda Evans.

Momma's Little Sermons: 25 of Momma's Best Sermons. Little tidbits of wisdom and scripture to bring peace, blessings, and enlightenment to the reader.

Where Do The Tigers Go?. A Collection of Children's Poetry by Jack Zager. Jack Zager is a husband, father, and grandfather. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where, when he is not writing children’s poetry, he is Senior Vice President with a major Wall Street investment firm.

That Darn Donkey!. Based on the true story of a wild burro named Pardo, smarter than the average burro with that big, beautiful smile. HAW-HEE! HAW-HEE! Burro adventures ahead!

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