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Finding the Way

Barbara E. Irgens

Publisher: Luminary Media Group
ISBN-10: 1930580061
ISBN-13: 9781930580060
Paperback Book  192 pages  5 in x 7 in

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"Even though I knew from the beginning that it wouldn't be possible to take my sisters and brother and run away, I felt like any place would be better than this one." A young teenager had to grow up fast. She felt responsible to look after the younger three children in the family since their mother and father were hardly ever home. When they were, it wasn't pleasant. They fought, her father drank, and the children always felt shut out and deprived of any family life. They didn't know what happy, caring parents were. Join Callie in her efforts in finding her family's way to a better life. Read how the children find the strength to rise above all their lonely, hungry, abusive days and nights.

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