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Guided Bible Studies for Hungry Christians
001 Foundation

Joanne Holstein & Kathy McFarland

ISBN-10: 1930580436
ISBN-13: 9781930580435
Paperback Book  387 pages  8.5 in. x 11 in.

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BIBLE STUDIES / CHRISTIAN. "001 Foundation" is the first book in the Becker Bible Studies series for hungry Christians. It contains 1,057 Biblical workbook questions, each having Biblical references to support the answers. All lessons progress from simple statements of fact to new and difficult concepts, and are followed by tests written to enrich and challenge the learning process. A readable and comprehensive workbook for both teachers and students.

Although it is possible to use "001 Foundation" for self-study, it is recommended for most students to receive instruction through a teacher, most often in a home setting. The gathering of Christians to learn the Word of God in a setting most conducive to growth, guided by a teacher and in the presence of the Holy Spirit, is the ideal environment for this study of "001 Foundation" to nourish.

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