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Tales of the Cinnamon Dragon Book I
Adventures in Farr Elvenhome

by Dr. Betty Neff Balch and Jean Hill Poythress

Publisher: Luminary Media Group
ISBN-10: 1930580460
ISBN-13: 9781930580466
Hardcover Book  152 pages  6" x 9"

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This hardcover book is printed with full color illustrations by the author, including a map of the land of Farr Elvenhome.

It is the goal of the authors to offer children and adults a good fantasy-read without the usual violence:“We call this book our Montana Fairytale.”

This story is about a Montana boy named Eric who goes to visit his Aunt Phyllis and Unlce Les on their farm.

There is no TV in the house, and Eric gets bored and looks around for something to do.

His aunt goes to the attic and brings down a book. He sees a dragon sleeping on the front page of the book, but there are no words on the other pages.

He asks his aunt about this and she says, “No, of course, there are no words on the pages, Eric. The dragon has not told you the stories yet!”

As the dragon tells the stories, the words appear on the pages. The words spoken by the dragon are in cinnamon color.

This book has lots of adventure, mystery, and exciting times . . . but NO VIOLENCE therein.

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