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Abiding Hope
Bearing Witness to the Holocaust

by Benjamin A. Samuelson as told to Jeff Shevlowitz

Publisher: Ulyssian Publications
ISBN-10: 1930580495
ISBN-13: 9781930580497
Paperback Book  288 pages  6 in. x 9 in.

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“I don’t understand how or why I made it through alive.”

At most, a person was allowed to live for 90 days. If someone was lucky enough to last that long, the person was then executed—to be replaced by one of thousands of constant arrivals, who would, in turn, be executed in three months. Benjamin Samuelson is one of few survivors of the Auschwitz Sonderkommando.

This is Benjamin’s story—from his happy childhood in Rumania to the horrors of four Nazi concentration camps to the Israeli struggle for independence—a story of historical significance; countless miracles; and the will to live, with abiding hope, to tell the world of what he had witnessed.

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