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Unconditional Love, Volume I
Understanding the Psychology and Embodied Daily Life Practice of Unconditional Love

Eric Bonnici

Publisher: Luminary Media Group
ISBN-10: 1930580916
ISBN-13: 9781930580916
Hardcover Book  184 pages  5.5" x 8.5"


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Eric Bonnici Young children are not as hindered or conditioned as grownups. They experience life with their whole body, whereas most adults consume large amounts of energy to understand felt experience with only their thinking mind.

Learn how to give your body a chance to conserve energy and process the passing flow of felt experience to enjoy life as a child does—delighting in the fresh swirls of breezes and motion from a careful toss in the air.

Eric Bonnici teaches you to become "unconditioned" like a child. This book Unconditional Love simply guides you through understanding the psychology and gently leads you through exercises of accepting life and its fears.

You will begin to experience every moment with the freshly swirling sense of empowerment, courage, compassion, insight, and connectedness. Anxiety and fear will transform into passion, wonder, inspiration, anticipation, and excitement.

You will move toward enjoying more of what life has to offer and expand your experience of gratitude, compassion, and creativity to live a more productive, joyful, and peaceful life.

Unconditional Love allows you to know, understand, and accept who you really are—unconditionally.

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