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Cancer, An Integrative Approach
Combining Conventional and Alternative Therapy for Treating the Whole Person

John A. Catanzaro, N.D.

Publisher: Health & Healing Press
ISBN-10: 192909101X
ISBN-13: 9781929091010
Paperback Book  192 pages  5.5 in x 8.5 in

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John A. Catanzaro, N.D. Cancer can be devastating. But with a positive attitude toward learning about the disease, the focus shifts to choosing what is best for the whole person. Dr. Catanzaro believes in an integrative approach to help cancer patients make the right decisions about their health. Read about the common risk factors for cancer; tests used for diagnosing cancer; alternative and conventional options to treat cancer; balancing the spiritual, mental, and physical needs of cancer patients. An excellent reference to the wellness and health issues related to cancer. Index of resources, internet sites, and terms for quick retrieval of information.

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