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How It Works During the Project  
1 Submit Material Project Analysis
2 Editing Begins
Editorial Corrections Layout
3 Layout Begins
4 Text Layout  Options Text
5 Cover Layout  Options
6 Approval to Proceed
7 Proofing Final Corrections
8 Final Approval
9 Printing Manufacturing
10 Delivery
Layout Preparation

In this step, all elements contained within the manuscript are evaluated. We ask ourselves the question, “What touches can be applied to bring the collective material together in a manner that is elegant, logical, and suitable for the subject matter?

This could be thought of as an initial “tinkering stage.” The brainstorm begins in connecting sections of text and images.

If you provide your own digital images, we review them for quality and how they will print before proceeding. If images are less than favorable, we will advise alternatives.

Next step: Text Layout Options

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