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Book Registration
ISBN & LCCN Copyrights FAQ  

FAQ—Frequestly Asked Questions


What are my options for getting an ISBN printed in my book?

One of the following:

  • Contact R.R. Bowker for an application and go directly through R.R. Bowker for a block of numbers.

  • Let Pine Orchard apply to R.R. Bowker for you.

  • Acquire one of Pine Orchard’s ISBNs.


I have my own ISBN and not a Pine Orchard ISBN. Can I still use Pine Orchard book production services?

Regardless of whose ISBN is being used, you can still have Pine Orchard produce your book. If you want a barcode printed on the back cover, that is not a problem either. We can create a barcode with any ISBN number.


How am I eligible for getting my own set of numbers?

You must be a U.S. publisher, U.S. business, or U.S. organization with a publishing program.

You may apply for a waiver of the service charge if your firm has been granted a 501 (C3) charitable/philanthropic tax exemption status and you supply a statement of your charitable/philanthropic mission. You must supply documentation on both to be eligible for a fee waiver.


What is the time frame for obtaining my own set of ISBNs?

At least 15 business days from the date of Bowker’s receipt of their application and fee. For faster service, there are additional fees.


What is the time frame for obtaining my own LCCN?

After obtaining an ISBN from R.R. Bowker, there is at least a one-week waiting period from the date the Library of Congress office receives, accepts, and processes your “Application to Participate” in the Library of Congress Preassigned Card Number Program. After being accepted in the Library of Congress Preassigned Card Number Program, there is at least another one-week waiting period from the date the Library of Congress office receives the “Preassigned Card Number Application” to assign the Library of Congress Card number to your book.


How can Pine Orchard help me with an ISBN?

We can help you obtain your own set of ISBNs by having Pine Orchard fill out, submit, and follow-up on the R.R. Bowker paperwork or we can help provide you with an ISBN (one number at a time) under a Pine Orchard imprint.


What is the time frame for using a Pine Orchard ISBN?

Since we already have ISBNs reserved and there is no paperwork for you to fill out, there is no waiting period. (For a Pine Orchard ISBN, the book must be produced by Pine Orchard.)


How can I decide whether to have my own set of ISBNs or get one from Pine Orchard?

If you are a publisher, audio and video producer, software producer, museum, business, or an association with publishing programs, you are eligible for applying for a set of ISBNs.

If you will be producing more than three books, you may want to get your own block of ISBNs.

If you want independent control of fulfilling orders and have distributing logistics in place, you may also want your own set of ISBNs.


What are Pine Orchard imprints?

When using a Pine Orchard ISBN, you have a choice of two book imprints: Luminary Media Group or Ulyssian Publications. These imprints have been set up for the specific purpose of helping authors, self-publishers, businesses, and organizations outside our company to market and sell their book under Pine Orchard publishing. We have established these imprints to provide a mark of publishing quality recognized in the book industry. To uphold and ensure the quality standard, we only issue an imprint (and Pine Orchard ISBN) to books that we help produce. Thus, in order for a book to carry the imprint of Luminary Media Group or Ulyssian Publications, it is necessary for a book to be a product of Pine Orchard production services.


What does having a Pine Orchard imprint mean?

A Pine Orchard imprint is always connected to Pine Orchard, along with the title of your book and its ISBN. The ISBN is owned by Pine Orchard. So, if the book has a Pine Orchard imprint, the title and author will always be connected to where the assigned ISBN exists—which is Pine Orchard—where inquiries and orders are generally directed.


So if I have a Pine Orchard imprint, does that mean Pine Orchard handles orders and fulfillment?

Yes. We can fulfill all orders directed to us. We offer several options for warehousing and fulfillment. Pine Orchard handles the shipping, invoicing, and returns. We send you periodic statements and money earned from the sales based on the discount and retail price of your book.


Do I need an ISBN to get my book into the distribution system?

Yes. All distributors require an ISBN and barcode.


Will Pine Orchard help distribute my book if I have used my own ISBN?

If we help you with the book printing and reprints, we can help distribute your book.


How do distributors order my book?

Distributors usually order from publishers who have a written agreement of their purchasing terms. Once that agreement is in writing, the publisher usually supplies and sends the books to the distributor’s warehouse when their buyers order the book.

Most book stores prefer buying from distributors because many different books can then be purchased from one location. In exchange for this service, publishers, like Pine Orchard, usually give distributors a discount on the retail price of the book, ranging from 40% to 60%.

It is important to understand that just because a distributor orders your book does not mean that the book has been sold. If the book is not sold by a store in a given timeframe, the book is returned to the supplier and sometimes it is in shopworn or damaged condition.


How does a Pine Orchard imprint affect my copyrights?

It does not affect copyrights. Pine Orchard owns the ISBN number, but not the copyrights. Anyone, including Pine Orchard, cannot reprint your book without your permission.


Can I use a Pine Orchard imprint during a 2nd or 3rd printing?

The Pine Orchard imprint and ISBN will be used on each new printing that we help with. Using the Pine Orchard ISBN for these reprints will mean that distributors will continue to contact Pine Orchard for book orders.


What if I do not want distributors to contact Pine Orchard for book orders?

Then you should not use a Pine Orchard ISBN. If your book was already printed with a Pine Orchard ISBN, then you must reprint with a different ISBN.


What if I want to go somewhere else and do the reprints?

If you do not want Pine Orchard to handle the reprints, then you must no longer use the Pine Orchard ISBN and imprint. You may purchase the press-ready electronic files that allow your book to be printed elsewhere. The only items that are required to be changed are the barcode on the back cover and any references to the ISBN and imprint, including the reference located on the copyright page. You will then be responsible to handle all distribution arrangements with the new ISBN because Pine Orchard will no longer be associated with that particular book title.


How can an ISBN for a book be changed?

To change an ISBN for a book means that a new edition of the book must be printed under a new company imprint and R.R. Bowker must be contacted. In the meantime, you must use the ISBN of the original publisher until a reprint is made—a reprint with an imprint and ISBN owned by a different company. When the switch is made, the old ISBN will go out-of-print. The new information must be submitted to ensure your book title becomes active with the new ISBN.


Is a reprint required if I change my ISBN?

Not necessarily. You could have adhesive labels created with the new ISBN and apply those stickers to each existing book on both the back cover and the copyright page. However, this method is less attractive to book buyers and can be costly.

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