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Pathologist In Peril

Harry Chinchinian

Publisher/Produced by: Plum Tree Press
ISBN-10: 0965353524
ISBN-13: 9780965353526
Paperback Book  260 pages  5.5 in x 8.5 in

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Hank Whipple seems like an average hospital physician, specializing in anatomical and clinical pathology--a conscientious, dedicated forensic medicine specialist. But just when life in a small Pacific Northwest town reaches its pinnacle of contentment, an argument with the hospital's chief surgeon leaves him the object of ridicule, accused of alcoholism and incompetence, and summarily demoted. Days later, the chief surgeon is found murdered, without any leads--a flawless murder. And who better to commit such an impeccably conceived crime but a doctor of forensics with the clearest of motives? Dr. Whipple was top suspect and he had to find the real killer before it was too late.

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