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Pathologist In Training

by Harry Chinchinian

Publisher: Plum Tree Press
ISBN-10: 1892476096
ISBN-13: 9781892476098
Trade Paperback Book  320 pages  5.5 in x 8.5 in

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This is the latest Plum Tree mystery. Every chapter is illustrated with the author's classic pen and ink style.

by Harry Chinchinian “Get down from there!”
Dr. Hank Whipple looked over his shoulder at a dark form who was shouting an alarm below him. The doctor was caught on a thick limb, sticking his neck out to see inside the House of Horrors—that eerie, old, isolated, 2-story building with no outside entrances.
. . .
“Put him away. Ice him somewhere, anywhere. And keep him away.” The president of Masson Industries leaned down, put his arm around his vice-president, and whispered the name of the person to be taken out.
. . .
“Professor Hicks is dead. They want an autopsy.”

Murders—mixed with corporate crime, hospital politics, pathology and psychiatry training—reveal the wonders of science and human nature at its worst.

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