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Immigrant Son Book Two
Refusing to Grow Up

Harry Chinchinian

Publisher: Plum Tree Press
ISBN-10: 0965353567
ISBN-13: 9780965353564
Paperback Book  208 pages  5.5 in x 8.5 in

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Harry Chinchinian More stories of the immigrant kid, with no means and no background, who remembers with pleasure the kindly spirits that smoothed his path. Once again, as in Book One, the author recalls experiences, ambitions, and people through his illustrations and humor, and describes predicaments while working in his uncle's grocery store in Troy, New York, during the Great Depression; camping with the precocious gang leader Antranik; traveling in Europe during and after World War II; and attending school to become a physician-pathologist. More love and humor found on the pages of this sequel to Book One. Over 80 pen-and-ink illustrations drawn by the author. His playful style in writing and drawing reflects an uncanny refusal to grow up--even at his age!

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