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Holly Brown and the Dragon Dingle

Written and illustrated by Harry Chinchinian

Publisher: Plum Tree Press
ISBN-10: 0965353591
ISBN-13: 9780965353595
Paperback Book  136 pages  6 in x 9 in

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"Don't be scared," the dragon told the knight-in-trembling-armor. "I don't see any reason for it!" Dingle didn't like being mean and nasty, belching out fire and smoke. Of course, he was a big disappointment to his dragon family. But Dingle just dreamt of someone who would like him for the way he was. That someone was Holly Brown. Read about the competition at the Dragon's Convention, encounters with Evil K. Kanoodle, Dingle's story of an island where an elephant dances and sings, and their visit to the North Pole with Santa. Enter the delightful world of the gentle dragon who grew up with dinosaurs and of the 8-year-old who didn't ever want Dingle to change. Over 60 illustrations. One of the Heather and Holly Brown Series.

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