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The Princess and the Beggar II
Continuing Adventures

Harry Chinchinian

Publisher: Plum Tree Press
ISBN-10: 1892476118
ISBN-13: 9781892476111
Hardcover Book  176 pages  6" x 9"

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Harry Chinchinian This is a continuation of Jo-Lo's stories to Heather Brown when she was eight years old and terribly lonely. To cheer her up, Jo-Lo told her many stories, of which this is the second group. It is better to read the first story because so much of what happens here depends upon the previous stories, including how the Prince came to meet the Princess and his problems with Lord Raisinkatz and how he went about solving them.

My job, as the author, is to repeat Jo-Lo's stories as best I can, hoping Heather will allow me to make some mistakes in the telling, without getting too exasperated. I tried to remember how Jo-Lo spun these adventures to her, but it was confusing how Olivia, Jasper, Raisinkatz, Gwyn-o-cheri and her Prince kept changing so much from what I guessed they were going to do to what they actually did.

What I'm saying is this: It may not have happened quite as exactly as it did, but it's awfully close.

Young reader comments:
"I Love to read your books. YOU gave me happyness. Love: Sarah C."
"I think you should do more books because the Princess and the Beggar is GREAT!!!!! Because I think you are a awesome writer." —Shannon

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