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Pioneer Families of Moab, Newman Lake, & Thompson Creek, Washington
Family Histories of the Pioneers Who Settled This Area 1880-1940

Compiled by Peggy Laughlin Cunningham. Edited by Marilyn Cunningham.

Publisher: Ulyssian Publications
ISBN-10: 1930580371
ISBN-13: 9781930580374
Paperback Book  304 pages  8.5 in x 11 in

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Historical facts, stories, maps, and over 300 photos detailing the lives of pioneers who settled and shaped the areas of Moab, Newman Lake, and Thompson Creek, Washington.

In the early years, the small settlement of Moab with the post office, local mercantile store, the only telephone in the area, and the Northern Pacific train station was the business center for local residents. Newman Lake was named for William Newman who settled there in 1860. The lake shore became the home to many resorts, dance halls, and family cottages. The inviting lake was popular for swimming, fishing, and boating during the warm months. In the winter, ice skating was a popular sport. Thompson Creek, named for Lewis Thompson, was a noted trout fishing stream and the surrounding area was home to early homesteaders.

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