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That Darn Donkey!
Based on the True Story of Pardo, the Wild Burro

Alyce Shirleydaughter

ISBN-10: 1930580983
ISBN-13: 9781930580985
Paperback Book  70 pages  5.38" x 8.38"

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Based on the true story of a wild burro named Pardo who was rescued from the mountains of Arizona and transported to southern New Mexico. Unfortunately, the family who rescued Pardo did not know how to care for or train him.

Alyce Shirleydaughter saw Pardo standing all alone in the hot desert sun. She asked the family if she could adopt Pardo and they agreed. After a few weeks of love and attention, Pardo showed his real personality—he was smart and funny. When he got lonely, he would run to the front door and honk for somebody to come out and scratch his ears!

Read more about Pardo with those big, beautiful, shiny, white teeth to enjoy his burro thoughts and adventures with his many friends.

Alyce Shirleydaughter is a pen name created by the author in honor of her mother, Alyce Shirley, who passed away after fighting breast cancer for several years. (Part of the money from the sale of this book goes directly to breast cancer research.)

Alyce Shirleydaughter was born and raised in Pennsylvania. She has two brothers, two sisters, and an adopted dog named Brixley.

Alyce has had many jobs during her life: grocery store checker, secretary, military journalist, newspaper reporter, ballroom dance instructor, high school teacher, and college professor. Her all-time favorite job is . . . writing books.

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