• Custom GUI (graphical user interface) design and prototyping to full functionality, mission-critical programming
  • User interface development in a Microsoft Windows environment
  • Database management setup and maintenance solutions
  • Standalone or client/server solutions

We develop software to work as a stand alone solution or as a plug-in to other vendors' applications for data management and image cataloging.

Pine Orchard creates custom solutions to graphically view data, catalog digital photographs, store document libraries, and solve problems. And because we work with geographic data, we also tie information to GIS (geographic information systems) through our applications. In some cases our "canned" software can provide a solution for you. Because we are the developers, we can also assist in setting up your solution, and if necessary, provide a "custom build" option. Generally any standalone executable we create is sold on an end user or server licensing basis. For custom projects you may pay for straight design time on simpler interface design. This allows you to retain future options to make modifications yourself at a later date.

Automation of work processes, computerization of document control, and streamlining reports can help the bottom line over time. A useful interface also decreases employee frustration and stress, and gives management an improved handle on work activities. In addition, our rapid development procedures save you money.

We work under the Microsoft Windows platform using Microsoft Access for standalone database applications, or Microsoft SQL Server for more scalable client/server solutions. Depending on your needs, the graphical user interface (GUI) can either be developed using Microsoft Access as the front end or as a standalone executable file.

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