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Pathologist On Call. Find the evidence, piece by piece—at the scene, in the lab, with the autopsy, and on the mule trails—as "accidental deaths" turn into homicides.
See also Pathologist In Training.

The Princess and the Beggar. "I DARE SAY, OBVIOUSLY YOU ARE SOMEONE WHO NEEDS TO BE ZIGGLED AND TWIGGLED!" according to the bad-tempered Lord Raisinkatz, especially if you don't read about the musical beggar and his lovely princess Gwyn-a-cheri who lived in the greatest stone castle that was far, far away on top of the highest hill.

Holly Brown and the Dragon Dingle. Enter the delightful world of the gentle dragon who grew up with dinosaurs and of the 8-year-old who didn't ever want Dingle to change.

Immigrant Son II. More stories of the immigrant kid, with no means and no background, who remembers with pleasure the kindly spirits that smoothed his path.

Once again, as in Book One, the author recalls experiences, ambitions, and people through his illustrations and humor.

Describes predicaments while working in his uncle's grocery store in Troy, New York, during the Great Depression; camping with the precocious gang leader Antranik; traveling in Europe during and after World War II; and attending school to become a physician-pathologist.

Harry Chinchinian enjoys writing pathology mysteries and illustrating stories for his seven grandchildren. The author has practiced medicine for over thirty years and is an associate professor at Washington State University.


Author with Jasper the Cat

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